Thursday, February 25, 2010

Imitating Winsor Mccay

I know I'm pretty bad compared to Mccay who is in my opinion one of the most elaborate illustrators of the 20th century. Though it is essential for artists to copy their favorite artists until they can develop a style all their own.

Despite Mccay's intricate detail his drawings are quite stiff and don't to have much flow of action. His pioneering animation efforts seem to be more like moving paintings without the expressions or wackiness of Fleischer, or Warner.Bros. His cartoons simply lacked personality.

Here is another one of my attempts to copy the Mccay look. You decide whether it was a failed attempt or not.

I admire Mccay for his revolutionary visual style which pushed people like Disney to try to depict lifelike animation though no one in the cartoon industry could surpass his technical level in animation for the next twenty years after his animated efforts. Despite how Mccay is probably one of the most technically advanced artists of the 20th century he was a working class cartoonist never reaching the success of studios that would succeed his work.

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