Friday, February 26, 2010

Outcast Characters

I have heard some animators are not very happy with the Tude characters the industry makes to market products to kids probably the most embarrassing of which is the renovated Alvin and The Chipmunks. One way artists can avoid going this direction is not trying to make the most detailed and attractive character possible or trying to make them reflective of popular culture but instead try making your characters grotesque make sure they have no self-esteem and they have nothing to live for but they live life as anti-social people. Outcast characters go against all the rules of Attitude characters. One might ask "Outcast and Attitude characters are the same thing"? Not exactly depending on how you draw the character will reflect whether it has attitude or not. Like I said try making your character as grotesque and messed up as possible.
I didn't intend to put much attitude in this character he is more of an outcast it might have backfired.

This second drawing is definitely anti-social and goes against all the principals on how to make a character with attitude. You can tell this guy is secretly dying inside and can't handle life much longer.This kid looks like me and many other people when we were in our pre-teens trying to survive gym class. Not much attitude but a kid that has been a victim of dodgeball and other rough physical education sports. I always disliked the kid that took Gym to seriously. I might empathize with this character a bit.

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